Below Average Penis Size? - Just how to Increase Penis Dimension!

Chances are, if you were asked about it you would say you have below average penis size. Right? Millions of men feel that their size is not only below, but well below the norm. They want to know how to increase penis size, but many are not quite sure of the best methods or techniques to select. Before we choose a good method of enlargement, here is a look at some size statistics.

Unfortunately, almost all of the data about penis size comes from culture and not science. It is difficult, best case scenario, to obtain any real scientific data about above or below average penis size. There were, nevertheless , three recent studies required for laboratory settings that gave us these numbers. The standard length of a flaccid penis is from 3. 4 inches to 3. 7 inches, or 8. 6cm in order to over 9cm. Surprisingly, there was not a huge jump in size when measuring the erect size. Those uses were 5. 1 ins to 5. 7 ins, or 12. 9cm to 14. 5cm. The standard girth of an erect penis was 3. 5 inches to 3. 9 ins, or 8. 8cm to 10cm.

Obviously, these measurements are less than we hear about in locker room room talk, or see in adult films. Regrettably, the sizes in the studies may even be slightly larger than average because the really tiny guys may refuse to be measured!

So , there are the numbers. Would you still think you have below average penis size? Even if it is average, I will guess you want to know how to increase penile size to above average. Knowing that most men dream of sporting a several or 8 inch award, here are a few options to increase your size.

Many men are buying the male enhancement pills. Smiling Bob is promoting Enzyte as a way for obtaining penis growth. The truth is, these pennis pills will only help with getting or maintaining an erection. They will not promote any true penis growth.

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The best way to get a bigger penis is to get a good set of all natural penis exercises. You can find them online from companies like PenisAdvantage or PenileSecrets. This exercise method has been a real success for guys wanting to know how to increase penile size without taking pills or using gizmos or gimmicks. In fact, the exercise plans have recently been medically proven to add from 1 to 4 inches in over 95% of the boys who used them no less than six months.

If you have below average size of the penis you can now get some real and everlasting penis growth naturally and safely. Take a good look at the numbers again. If you really should know how to increase penis size, you will find a method to do so. But, by looking at the averages, you might not exactly be as small a person as you thought you were!