So why Penis Girth Is Important To Women?

For a long time now, the most popular sex question, "does size really matter to women" has been argued by various sex therapists. Virtually every adult male is thinking about knowing the answer to that question. It is clear that the thoughts of a huge amount of men are preoccupied with thoughts on whether their penis width and length is big enough for their lovers or their would be lovers.

Some men have actually found ways to increase both their penis width and length. If you visit any internet search engine and type the phrase "penis enlargement" you would find a sizable number of retailers offering different sorts of products claiming to be the solution to your problem of a little pennis size. The mass media and the outrageous reports of men with big penis have resulted in a big number of men seeking an increase to their "special member".

Most women would definitely say that a man with a huge penis is manlier and better in bed when compared to a man with a little or an average penile size. With the emphasis of most people on bigger things like bigger houses and bigger cars. Women have adopted the adage that when it comes to sex "bigger is very much better". Also we guys also have the mindset that a man with a large "sexual member" is more preferable in bed than a man with a little one. We tend to associate a tiny penis with reduced masculinity, virility and in most situations impotency.

But do you know that most research including regarding the famous Alfred Kinsey institute uncovered that the average set up penis girth is between 4. 5 to 5. 0 inches, while the average erect penile duration is between 5. 5 to 6. 4 inches. I suppose these figures would correct that notion you have that the average length was something around 8 inches (may be you have been observing one to many porn videos: -) )

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Despite the fact that a huge number of women love the feeling of deep penetration into their vaginas, women generally have average penis girth more preference for a bigger penis girth. This choice has to do with a thick penis being able to stimulate the G-spot of women, which is situated at about 2 inches deep in the upper wall of their vaginas.

The pleasure centers that are triggered during sex are situated close to the opening of the vagina and the trou. Penis girth is of more importance to women than length as a thick penis can expand their vaginal and anal walls that stimulate their pleasure centers. Almost all women love this pleasurable sensation of being full. But what if a man has a thick sexual member as well as longer than the average "sexual organ"? Women usually cherish such men. It seems women tend to keep hold of lovers who are well equipped to give them explosive times of sex in the bedroom.

Although you might say the choice of a big, average or small sexual member varies from woman to female, the simple truth is that women love the experience that a thick male organ gives. Aside craving a large penis most women love intimacy, passion and mental connection to their lovers. Always treat your female right. Stop all of your valiente stuff and show her some affection once in a while with out wanting sex as a reward. And if you happen to have a thick "sexual member" whoa! Your lady would always keep thinking of you. She may even be bragging about your size with her friends.

When you have a little or an averaged sized "member", do not despair, and there is ways you can increase your penile girth and length. But wait before you go trying away some weird looking device from who knows where, you have to know that the safest way to boosting your penis naturally is by by using a mixture of a quality penis enlargement exercise program and a herbal enlargement enlargement pill. This particular double blend work with each other in providing you with your desired size. Using only exercises would cause you waiting for quite some time to see any gains. And using only pills would give you short-term benefits that would be lost once you stop using such pills.